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Bespoke technical feasibility
Bespoke technical feasibility
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Talbot consults on a broad range of diverse projects, including water and wastewater treatment, water recovery, biogas and energy recovery. Most of these are unique, one-of-a-kind solutions and may represent significant capital expenditure and risk. Failure is not an option.

Through our deep technical competence, we conduct in-depth feasibility studies involving taking a step back to think about the big picture – including economic, technical, legal, environmental and scheduling considerations 



Talbot offers a comprehensive suite of technical solutions encompassing water re-use, water recovery, water treatment, and wastewater treatment.

Our unparalleled ability to seamlessly integrate a diverse range of technologies, spanning from biological to mechanical, and from chemical to electrical, sets us apart from other companies.


Our approach is technology-agnostic, allowing us to advise and recommend the most appropriate solutions tailored to the unique challenges at hand.

We specialise in delivering meticulous design and costing whereby we are dedicated to enhancing process efficiency, optimising performance, and reducing costs across the board, including chemical, energy and human resources.


Our services encompass in-depth process reviews, mechanical assessments for best practices, water and chemical mass balances, energy utilisation analysis, and a comprehensive evaluation of total ownership and operational costs.

Feasibility Reporting

Each project is unique and its success is dependent on a high level of commercial and technical management expertise. For a comprehensive feasibility report, our team has a wealth of experience in dealing with contract documentation, company and project finance, and associated legal matters. Our projects take into account all key aspects: construction costs, compliance with deadlines, quality, value engineering, whole life cycle costs, risk exposure, post-construction services and functional warranties.

Audits and Due Diligence

To evolve in response to change, even incrementally, translates into sustainability. That’s why we’re changing the way our clients think about audits and due diligence. Many organisations view their annual audit as an arduous regulatory process designed to benchmark performance. At Talbot, we prefer to view it as the means to create a culture that embraces continuous improvement.

Audit processes provide the perfect opportunity to identify possible enhancements to make the business work better – more efficiently, more economically and more responsibly. At Talbot, an audit is not seen as punitive but rather an opportunity to identify change and incrementally achieve sustainability goals.

Talbot’s engagement model provides critical support throughout this process. We provide actionable insights and business-ready recommendations that you will be able to use to improve and optimise your water use wherever possible.

Financial Modelling

Our in-house finance modelling capability considers capital, operational and total cost of ownership to enable clients make the best decision for their business.

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