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Talbot awarded EEP grant for Wastewater-to-Energy Project

We are proud to announce that Talbot has been awarded a grant from the Energy and Environmental Partnership (EEP Africa) for the development of the Talbot Wastewater-to-Energy Project.

EEP Africa is a multi-donor trust-fund supported by Austria, Finland, the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) and the United Kingdom. The fund is managed by the NDF to realise the delivery of renewable energy and energy-efficiency projects in 15 countries through southern and east Africa.

Talbot’s project is one of 28 selected from over 450 proposals submitted to EEP Africa under their 14th Call for Proposals.

With a 35% own-investment from Talbot and the remaining funding from EEP Africa, we will be developing a water and energy recovery project at a leading blue-chip fast-moving consumer goods producer in South Africa.

Following successful completion of this ‘development phase’, the project will see an investment of approximately R150 million to develop two wastewater treatment plants, providing energy (from biogas) and water to the host factories.

Not only will these projects ensure improved security of water and energy supply to the industries, they will generate significant savings for the client and deliver noteworthy environmental benefits. The water and energy recovery plants are expected to save over 870 million litre of water and produce 28 000 MWh of green energy per year, reducing the host’s annual carbon footprint by over 10 thousand tonnes of carbon dioxide (tCO2eq).

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