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Talbot & Talbot (Pty) Ltd (Talbot), sustainable water and wastewater solutions experts and Econvert Water & Energy B.V. (Econvert), leading anaerobic technological provider announce their strategic partnership which allows customers in Africa to improve operational performance and to drive down production costs in a sustainable way using the most up-to-date technological solution. The strength of this partnership rests on combining the leading knowledge and experience in sustainable water and wastewater solutions and the specialist knowledge from Econvert and Talbot in anaerobic digestion (AD) and associated biogas treatment. By joining forces the partnership is now able to bring solutions from Europe’s Leading AD technological provider to clients across the African Continent and ensure that clients’ expectations are exceeded through the delivery of customised, sustainable turnkey solutions.

Delivering turnkey sustainable water & wastewater solutions and providing clients associated support across Africa since 1989, Talbot already has a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge in the design, construction and operation of ADs and biogas recovery across the continent.

Combined with Econvert who is an ideal partner for companies active in food, pulp and paper, beer and beverage industries, amongst others – Talbot can enhance their support to help customers across Africa to save money in a green way. Econvert designs technical anaerobic solutions including : UASB (Up flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket), EGSB (Expanded Granular Sludge Bed), IR (Internal Recirculation) and Dsulph (biological biogas desulphurization) bringing a broader range of solutions to the Talbot arsenal.

With both companies being founded on in-depth process knowledge, Econvert and Talbot offer customised solutions to clients to ensure that every reference counts. Together they are able to provide clients with the assurance of insight, innovation, quality and guaranteed delivery. Their strong multidisciplinary team of professionals works to provide solutions ensuring optimal supply on the front-end, to maximising performance efficiencies and reducing effluent discharge, which in Africa is often a license to operate, whilst enhancing organisational sustainability performance

Both companies share the same vision and business culture in offering clients customised, long lasting and robust solutions to meet their specific needs as well as the demanding operating conditions in Africa while also being committed to a long-term relationship. They both want their customers to be and remain proud of their wastewater treatment plant.

“Through this partnership with Talbot, we are ensured of a professional project delivery in the African context”, according to Mr. Ids Auke Boersma, Managing Director of Econvert Water & Energy B.V. “It enables us to achieve our goal to make anaerobic treatment available to a broad range of customers.”

Managing Director of Talbot & Talbot (Pty) Ltd, Mr Carl Haycock echoes this sentiment: “Our new relationship with Econvert is an exciting opportunity to bring up-to-date solutions and innovation in the space of anaerobic digestion to our clients across the continent.  With similar ambition, the cultures of both businesses meld into a well-integrated solution provider that clients across the continent can trust to deliver the most appropriate solution for their specific needs on time and on budget.”

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