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Design and build of a wastewater treatment plant for one of Nigeria’s fastest growing brewers

Talbot & Talbot recently completed a wastewater treatment plant installation just outside of Lagos, Nigeria for a global brewing company. The brewery is a Greenfields project and Talbot & Talbot provided the wastewater treatment plant on a turnkey basis.  Built under challenging conditions and in a country known for its high-risk profile, not only was the plant implemented on time and within budget, but is also one of our largest full wastewater treatment plants built to date.

The project was awarded to Talbot & Talbot following the very successful completion of a new installation within an operational facility at the client’s brewery in the delta region of Nigeria.  The key technologies applied for the wastewater treatment are anaerobic digestion, aerobic treatment, and final clarification, as well as steam generation through the burning of biogas recovered from the anaerobic treatment process.  This biogas recovery process generates up to 15% of the brewery’s fossil fuel demand for steam, with significant associated cost savings. It is our 10th installation of a biogas recovery process for steam generation on the African continent.

The project design was completed utilising 3D-modelling, allowing for efficient procurement, pre-fabrication and integration with the wider brewery design. Execution occurred on-time against project plan and Talbot & Talbot was the first contractor to fully complete and commission its execution phase and demobilise from site.  Ramp-up is currently progressing under the client’s supervision and our team will return to complete Process Acceptance Testing and commissioning of the biogas boiler (once the biogas starts flowing) at a later stage.

Talbot & Talbot has now completed 2 projects back-to-back in Nigeria on-time and within budget. This is a major feat considering the commercial, logistical, procurement, and service provision risks in Nigeria and the ever-increasing execution and financial demands placed by clients.   Our success is mainly contributed to good project management, excellent financial management and strong collaboration with our client and suppliers. Talbot & Talbot has a long legacy of successful project delivery and has executed more than 300 projects in 22 countries in Africa. The learnings obtained over 27 years of successful project delivery have stood us in good stead to achieve great results in Nigeria and continue our journey of delivering well in the African environment.

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