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Maximise your biogas energy potential

STEAM BOILERS FOR BIOGAS UTILISATION Talbot\’s Vertical Water Tube Boiler Range, developed by partner, East Coast Steam is engineered to provide a long service life with minimal maintenance and is highly suited to maximise the utilisation of biogas. HIGHLIGHTS Dedicated biogas boiler installation to maximise fuel savings. Suitable for installation on anaerobic digesters from 2.5

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A world first in Africa

Presenting the Eco Digester, a quick to install, skid mounted anaerobic granular sludge digester specifically developed for smaller wastewater producers with COD loads up to 5 000 kg/day. THE ECO DIGESTER Developed by Talbot & Talbot\’s AD partner, Econvert, one of Europe\’s leading technology providers, will help to: Effectively manage your effluent Improve environmental compliance

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Is your drinking water safe?

Reduced drinking water quality can cause immediate and/or long-term harm to human health. To prevent such impacts, the World Health Organisation developed Water Quality Guidelines. In South Africa, these formed the basis of National Standards No. 241, as published by our Bureau of Standards and revised most recently in 2015. SANS 241:2015 is referenced in

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Unlocking opportunities in organics

Talbot & Talbot has invested nearly R10 million over the last 18 months into developing its new state-of-the-art Organics Laboratory. The Laboratory is set to open up new services and capabilities in the waste, contaminated land and water sectors. Micole Martens, operations manager: Laboratories, Talbot & Talbot, discusses the company’s new venture. Could you give

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Waste – The forgotten resource

As in many other industries, waste is generated at various stages during processing and manufacture in the food and beverage industry. Whilst improved efficiencies are continuously chased to reduce wastage and cost, significant opportunities are often missed along the way. An increased focus is being placed on the need to extract value from waste as

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An ecosystem approach to strategic industrial water management

It is a glaring reality that water scarcity is a growing risk to business across Africa. Industrial water use accounts for approximately 11% of total water usage in South Africa.  It has been projected that in rapidly industrialising countries, industrial water usage could increase five times over the next 10 to 20 years.  How current

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