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A world first in Africa

Presenting the Eco Digester, a quick to install, skid mounted anaerobic granular sludge digester specifically developed for smaller wastewater producers with COD loads up to 5 000 kg/day.


Developed by Talbot & Talbot\’s AD partner, Econvert, one of Europe\’s leading technology providers, will help to:

  • Effectively manage your effluent
  • Improve environmental compliance
  • Enhance water recovery opportunities
  • Potential monthly savings exceeding R 400 000 per month through reduced wastewater disposal and energy cost *


  • Low capital cost of between R 6m and R 10m
  • Over 90% COD removal
  • Less than 60 m2 footprint
  • Less than 4-week installation
  • Completely automated
  • Low maintenance
  • Completely gas tight
  • Includes biogas buffer and flare
  • Easy addition of Talbot & Talbot biogas boiler
  • Operations and maintenance support provided by Talbot & Talbot
  • Also available as a rental **


  • Confectionary / snack manufacturers
  • Food processing plants
  • Beverage producers / bottlers
  • Dairy processing
  • Distilleries
  • Breweries
  • Sugar mills
  • Pulp mills


* If Talbot & Talbot dedicated biogas boiler is selected

** T & Cs apply

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